Shira (songtree) wrote,

Nerdyness to the MAXX

I am a ridiculously ridiculous nerd, so i got really excited becuase one of my favorite bands has a song called Special K, which is about the drug Ketamine, so i decided to research about what is ketamine online, more specifically on wikipedia, and i got really excited when i found out that ketamine has a chair conformation of cyclohexane in it which is what we were covering in organic chemistry, now i was just doing my homework, and a part of my book says "many drugs currently on the market are racemic mixures. ketamine, for example, is a potent anesthetic agent, but its use is limited becuase it is hallucinogenic. the (S) isomer is responsible for the anesthetic effects, and the (R) isomer causes the hallucinogenic effects." ha! this makes me soo happy, because i just read about why things like this happen in the body, whoa!, ENZYMES.....PEPTID BONDS...holy moly this shit is interesting!!!

on a different note, i think i will name my cat KY, or Kai, or is realy all pronounced the same, lets spell it the reason that i chose this name, other than the fact that it is pretty, and kinda girly, is that it is super duper nerdy....the kai is what the B'jorans call their religious leader in deep space 9, it is kinda like their pope, but like remember how much power the pope had over everything like 500 years ago, so more like that....also a chiral molecule is one that has a mirror image that is not superimposable on the same molecular formula other CHIral my cat will be the biggest nerd on the block/universe....AWWESOME
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