Shira (songtree) wrote,


How likely is it that your friends who will be having the same synchronous conversations that you are having with your friends, with their friends. I am constantly running into examples of synchronicity, and it is quite odd. For example, I read in a book about scolopamine, and that day, Nick comes in my room and starts talking about Datura and Nightshade, some plants which naturally produce it. And yesterday after not thinking about the macarana for years, Nick and Shane and I started talking about it, and now I see someone whose friendship circles do not intersect with mine other than the fact that we know eachother referencing the macarana in their away message. Weird... I suppose their is a chance that since we all go to a small school that the conversation about it made someone think about it an reference it to someone else which looped around the small grouping of actually social people here, but either way it is strange. I wonder how frequently synchronicity happens and whether it is truely due to interlocking social circles quitely influencing eachother or true coincidence.
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