Shira (songtree) wrote,

Turning new leaves

Hello my trusty rusty old friend, it has been years. I am pretty sure. I keep getting messages that spam-bots have found the same 1 of my OLD posts about Chi now known as Kiki, I hear. Interesting. I am not exactly sure why this is the case, why that post, why now?..

In other life-related news. I am excited, unusual for me, eh? I am attempting to take strides on various life goals, such as the one to be fluent in Spanish, Chinese and Hebrew. Spent a while watching Hebrew TV and doing Hebrew exercises today and also started on Chinese Pimsleur. Nascent I know, but progress nevertheless. גם קניתי ספרים סיניים וספרדים מאמזום. Perhaps that is how I will revamp this OLD journal of mine, as one to practice writing in. I like the idea of that better than trying to start a new journal on someone else's site, I feel as though אין לי משהו כדאי לומר. I guess that is a personal problem.

Despite my disdain for New Year's resolutions, this year will have a few. The new year is coinciding with some personal realizations of mine. Perhaps the holidays and family and visits tends to do that to everyone, thus the whole concept of New Year's resolutions (how do I abbreviate that, were I speaking it would be new years re-so-lu-sh).

On that note.
להתראות אינטרנט יכר!

p.s. (נ.ב.)
בדיוק חשבתי שאתה בלוג שלי כמעט בן עשרה מוזר....
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